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How to draw an arrow ?

Quick Tip: Tap the Arrow button in the Markup toolbar. Tap for first point and then tap and drag to set the end point. The Arrow button is located in the Markup toolbar. Draw an arrow by clicking it, and tap the canvas to specify first point and again to set the end point. Additional Information: ...

What is the Smart Pen

The Smart Pen is a new tool which allows you to create CAD shapes by a free hand sketch. You can find the 'Smart Pen' button in the drawing tools menu. Additional Information: Panning during the tool is available with two fingers.

How to draw Arcs ?

Quick Tip: Tap the Arc tool button in the drawing tools menu. Tap the screen to specify first point. Tap or drag to set the second and again to end it. To draw arcs, access the 'Arc tool' located in the Drawing Tools menu. After you click the Arc button, tap the screen to specify first point of the...

How to Offset ?

Quick Tip: To offset an object, select the source object, click the offset button from the Edit Object Toolbar. Specify a point on canvas to offset through using tap or drag. The Offset command creates a new object whose shape is parallel to that of the selected object. The Offset button is loc...

How to use the new measuring tools

The advanced measurement tools (available for pro users only) are located in the measuring toolbar button. Each measure tool has a unique button: “Distance”, “Area”, “Angle” and “Radius”. Additional Information: The unit type of the distance & area values is set according to the unit type of ...

How to Lock a Layer

To lock a layer, swipe the menu to the left (if needed) and tap the Lock icon. You can toggle between Locked and Unlocked. Locking a layer means no changes can be made to the existing objects on it. The user will still be able to draw and create objects on this layer, but not to select or edit them....

How to Rename a Layer

Swipe the menu to the left (if needed) and tap the Rename icon. Renaming a layer will also occur when adding a new layer, so the user can name it.

How to delete a layer

Swipe the menu to the left (if needed) and tap the garbage can icon. Be advised, the layer will be deleted without any confirmation from the user. Additional Information: Layers cannot be deleted in the following cases: - Set as current. - Has objects in it. - It’s Layer 0 - X-Ref Dependant

How do I use the Layer Management and Viewing Control

AutoCAD 360 allows you to add and remove layers, as well as control layer visibility better. This feature is based on the current layers palette and it provides improved functionality for Pro users only. The menu is located at the top of the layers palette and is always visible when the layers pane...

How do I change the background color?

Quick tip: Open the sidebar menu → Settings → Background color You can change the background color of your drawings directly from your mobile device: Open the Sidebar menu Choose “Settings” Under “Background color” choose one of two: Model Space - Changes ...
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