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How to edit drawings using the mobile app

The mobile Editor contains a number of toolbars that enable you to edit and markup AutoCAD drawings. You can add basic shapes or make text annotations. AutoCAD 360 provides better accessibility by allowing you to use this to make touch-ups while in the field or on the road. Access each toolbars by t...

How to draw accurately with AutoCAD mobile?

When you draw a line, polyline, rectangle, etc. , with the mobile app, you should be able to define the shape's dimensions (Length, width). Choose one of the drawing tools (Draw toolbar). Tap the canvas to specify the first point, tap or drag to specify the second point (Direction). By tapping in th...

How do I snap to in AutoCAD 360?

Quick Tip: While in a drawing, hover your finger over a location until a magnifying glass appears, allowing you to set snap points. Repeat to mark snap point destinations. The Snap function is available on both the web and the mobile versions of the AutoCAD 360 app. In the web version of the AutoCA...

How to edit objects properties?

Addressing many customer's requests, we added the ability to edit object's color and layer, directly from the property palette! In addition, we added a few new object properties: Object’s type Number of selected objects Linetype Lineweight Open the properties palet...

How do I use the Magnifying Glass ?

The magnifying glass enables you to achieve higher precision while drawing, editing or selecting objects in the drawing. Hold your finger to the screen for a second (long tap on a static position), a magnifying glass will appear and display the exact area under your finger. The magnifying glass als...

What is the GPS feature ?

The AutoCAD mobile GPS feature allows you to position yourself within your design and to use the built-in GPS functionality of your Smartphone or tablet to track your location on the design. As you move around, you can add comments to the design regarding precise geographic locations. You can manua...

Is it possible to edit viewports in the layout

Quick Tip: No. Use the Model tab to toggle between paper and model space. AutoCAD mobile does not automatically switch between paper and model space within the layout (like you do when you double click the layout in AutoCAD). You can only toggle between the model and layout using the Model tab. Au...

How do I attach an image to the drawing

Quick Tip: Tap the 'Photo' button on the mark-up toolbar. To attach an image directly into your drawing, simply tap the Photo button to decide whether you want to capture a new image with your device’s camera or upload one from your device’s photo archive. Once an image is inserted into your drawin...

How to use Trim\Extend ?

The trim and extend work a bit differently in AutoCAD mobile than in AutoCAD. To 'Trim' an object, select the new boundary to which you wish to trim your object and then tap Trim and select the object you wish to trim. Check out the new Quick Trim tool! Now allows you to easily trim objects. To...

How do I edit multiline text (mtext)

Quick Tip: Tap the text tool from the Mark-up toolbar and add text. The text tool is located on the mark-up toolbar and is used to annotate the drawing and position the text in a specific location. To enter text, tap the text entry icon from the toolbar, and then type the text in the text window. C...
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