Starting with AutoCAD mobile

What is AutoCAD mobile app?

Autodesk AutoCAD mobile app formerly known as AutoCAD 360 is the official mobile app for AutoCAD. AutoCAD mobile is an easy-to -use drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, create , edit and share AutoCAD drawings – anytime, anywhere. Simplify your site visits and field work with p...

Who is AutoCAD mobile for?

AutoCAD mobile is intended for CAD professionals who create and exchange drawings – architects, engineers, consultants, and more. Non-CAD professionals, such as homeowners, consultants, clients, and other stakeholders will also benefit. Our easy-to-use drawing and drafting application is great for m...

What type of files does AutoCAD 360 support

By using AutoCAD 360 as your online storage service, you can import any type of file, under 50MB, but you won’t be able to view or edit these file formats online. This make it easy to use AutoCAD 360 as a way to share project-related files to accelerate your work and save you some time.. Editing/vi...

Is there AutoCAD mobile for BB or Windows? (Other platforms)

Currently we do not support BB devices. However, recently, we have released a full version of AutoCAD mobile for Windows 10. Currently this version supports Desktops and Tablets only (and not windows phones). As the market for mobile apps expands we will continue to evaluate other platforms and dec...

How do I change the AutoCAD 360 language on my mobile

Quick Tip: No need - AutoCAD 360 is automatically set to your device language. The language displayed in AutoCAD 360 is set by the language settings of the device which you are using. AutoCAD 360 detects the language and displays the correct fonts as soon as you open the app. If your device’s langu...

What is the storage capacity of AutoCAD 360

AutoCAD 360 storage capacity is limited to 5G for free users, 25G for Pro users and 100G for Pro Plus users. By using AutoCAD 360 as your online storage service, you can open your drawings from within your Web browser or mobile, without any external software. Additional Information: By using A...

Is AutoCAD 360 available in more languages

The AutoCAD 360 mobile app supports nine additional languages: · Chinese – 中文 · French- Français · German- Deutsch · Italian – Italiano · Japanese – 日本語 · Korean – 한국어 · Portuguese – Português · Russian – русский · S...

How much does it cost

AutoCAD 360 is a free*, easy-to-use drawing and drafting mobile app that allows you to view, edit, and share AutoCAD drawings anytime, anywhere. AutoCAD 360 Pro membership further expands the functionality of the app, bringing additional capabilities to the field. It offers 2 types of subscriptions,...

Introducing the File Manager-Mobile

Quick Tip: Tap the arrow next to each file or folder. Choose ‘Open’, 'Save as', ‘Rename’, ‘Share' or Delete. Upon signing in to AutoCAD 360 from your mobile the 'Files Manager window' will come up. There you will find a list of drawings and folders that you have uploaded or created. When you clic...

How to send a feedback

If you have a problem, question or a feature request regarding AutoCAD 360, please contact AutoCAD 360 support. We will be happy to help and respond as soon as possible. To get in touch with AutoCAD 360 support services, go to the feedback section, which is located in the Side Menu. By tapping ...
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