What is new in AutoCAD mobile

How can I open and close the properties palette while a drawing is ope...

When a drawing is opened on the device, tap the Properties button to open the properties palette. It will open in full screen on mobile devices and in a palette on tablets. The properties palette will be displayed on the right side of the screen and you can close it by tapping the Properties button ...

How to insert block

Quick Tip: Open the blocks menu from the drawing tools menu. Choose a block and tap or drag to insert it. AutoCAD 360 Pro version for mobile allows you to insert a new block to the drawing from a library of existing blocks available for the drawing. You can access the Blocks menu from the drawing t...

How can I add attributes to a block

Quick Tip: Available for pro users only. Tap the "+" button in the 'properties palette' to insert a new attribute. AutoCAD 360 Pro version allows you to add additional attributes to a block using the 'properties palette'. When selecting a block, you can add additional attributes to it by tapping th...

How can I edit the attributes of a block

Quick Tip: Available for pro users only. Tap on an attribute value in the 'properties palette' to edit it. AutoCAD 360 allows you to edit the attribute of a block by using the 'property palette'. By tapping the attribute’s value, you can edit the text within. The new text can be in English or any ...

How to add dimensions

The dimension buttons are located in the Measuring toolbar. AutoCAD 360 for iOS and Android supports the following dimension types: Aligned, Radius, Diameter and Angular. Linear Dimension: You can create a linear dimension by tapping the points of the dimension or by double tapping on a line or pol...

How to edit dimensions

To edit dimension use the Edit Dimension tool which can be accessed from the Edit toolbar. Edit Dimension is supported for the linear and aligned dimensions only. Select a dimension and tap on the Edit Dimension tool. The two handles at the edge of the dimension allows you to edit the dimension’s w...

What are notifications? When do I get them?

Quick tip: You will receive a notification when someone shares a drawing or a folder with you. Notifications are a way for you to stay updated on your projects even when you’re not using AutoCAD mobile and notify you about changes in real time so you can respond. Notifications on your device will...

Retiring Sync to A360 Drive from AutoCAD mobile

What’s changed and why? At Autodesk, our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible product for our customers to help them make anything. We are constantly reviewing the features of our products in order to determine whether we are doing everything we can to meet our customers’ needs. In ...
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