What is new in AutoCAD mobile

What's new in AutoCAD mobile?

Plans We updated the structure of the available Premium plans, and modified the Free plan offering, so that a different set of features will be included with each tier. Our new free offering is a view-only mode with the ability to perform accurate measurements. All drawing and editing tools are now ...

What are the updates to our pro (Premium and Ultimate) plans?

We are excited to launch our new feature groupings. As we are continually working to improve AutoCAD mobile, we believe our new tools and functionalities will give the maximum value to our customers. Don’t worry – all of your content and files are safe and accessible as always, regardless of how you...

What is new in AutoCAD 360

In the last version of AutoCAD 360 (formerly AutoCAD WS) the Pro version was introduced along with some exciting features such as the smart pen and 3rd party file storage connection. Version 2.1 (released only to iOS at this point, Android soon to follow) includes exciting new features of it’s...

What is the file size limit for the Premium version?

AutoCAD mobile Premium supports opening files of up to 30MB. The AutoCAD mobile free version on the other hand supports opening files of up to 10MB. Additional Information: The limit for file size will be identical for 2D and 3D files (10MB for free users and 30MB for Premium users). AutoCAD ...

Can I add a new drawing while offline

Quick Tip: Yes- for pro users only. The file will act like any downloaded file. It would also synchronize automatically with your account when back online. With AutoCAD 360, creating a new drawing offline is just the same as creating a new drawing online. The process of creating the drawing offline...

What is the Side Menu and how do I use it

The side menu is intended to provide access to various tools and navigate between different sections. By using it you can access the Go Pro version page, create a new file, Connect to external storage services, go back to the drawings section or navigate between the Settings, Community, Help and Sig...

How do I change the measuring units of my drawing?

Quick tip: Use the drawing settings to change the measuring units of the drawing If your drawing is in inches and you want to take dimensions in meters, you can easily change the unit display from your mobile: Open the right sidebar and choose the drawings settings. Press on “Typ...

How can I get the coordinates of a specific point in the drawing?

AutoCAD 360 Pro users can use coordinates to identify specific points in the drawing. In order to get the coordinates information, you must use the magnifying glass. By long tapping on a static point in the drawing. When the magnifier glass pops up, it will show the coordinates information for curr...

How to edit vertex

Quick Tip: Choose an editable shape and Access the Edit vertex button from the Edit Object toolbar. AutoCAD 360 Supports editing for all kind of shapes: lines, polylines, arcs, circles, ellipses and dimensions. The Edit vertex button is located in the Edit Object toolbar available when tapping on a...

How can I view and edit the properties of an object

Quick Tip: Tap the Properties button to open the properties palette. The object properties palette is an important feature which allows the users to access additional data within their design. The properties palette enables the user to: View design properties of an object (layer, color, etc.) ...
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