What is a conflict?

A conflict happens when there are two different versions of the same drawing in your account.
How does it happen?
It happens when changes are made to the online version of the drawing, while other changes are made to the drawing offline. For example, if you made some changes to your file while you were offline and additional changes have been made to the file online, a conflict will happen when you go back online due to the two different versions of the same file. When your mobile device syncs back online a notification message will appear in the mobile app asking you to update in order to resolve the conflict.
What happens if I don’t update?
The offline version will stay available on your device. However, it will not sync back to your account and it will exist only on your mobile device until you update.
What happens when I sync\update?
The drawing will be updated to the online version. The changes that were made offline will be uploaded as an earlier version of the drawing and will be available through the "version history".
Where can I find the older version?
You can view version history on the web app.
version history.png
To save an older version:
  1. Click on ‘Go to autocadws.com’ (top of the web app page)
  2. Open the drawing
  3. Go to the Timeline tab
  4. Click on the version you want
  5. Use the ‘Save as’ function to save the version as a new drawing.
For more information on the Timeline read this: What is the timeline?
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