What is the GPS feature ?

The AutoCAD mobile GPS feature allows you to position yourself within your design and to use the built-in GPS functionality of your Smartphone or tablet to track your location on the design. As you move around, you can add comments to the design regarding precise geographic locations.

You can manually set your actual location on the design by tapping the “Set Location” button and choosing the point on the drawing that you are currently standing on. The app will use the device’s GPS to determine the precise longitude, latitude and altitude coordinates of that point and will set that data to the drawing.

Some drawings may already contain geographic location data (using the Geo Marker object) and will not require you to set the location first. If your drawing already contains location data (whether by the Geo Marker object or by using the “Set Location” feature), you can use My Location to track yourself on top of the drawing. After using the “My Location” feature, you can move around and notice that the location marker is tracking your movement within the drawing.

Additional Information:
  • To achieve maximum precision on some devices, it is recommended to turn on the device’s GPS for a minute or two and let it calibrate before using it.
  • The AutoCAD mobile GPS functionality is dependent on your mobile device and its GPS coordinates. You may need to enable the GPS function in order to get more accurate information.
  • Note that the accuracy of the AutoCAD mobile GPS function is dependent on the accuracy of your device.
  • On Android devices, the GPS feature requires access to Google Play services.
  • The GPS feature may be unavailable in China due to restricted Google Play services.
Useful tips:
  • When using the "Set Location" function, you can manually adjust the x, y and z coordinates of the point you tapped, if needed.
  • To learn more about GPS feature in the mobile app, watch this video: https://youtu.be/5slQ4EOEq5Q 
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