How do I download from the cloud and save locally

Quick Tip: Tap the Sync button to start a full sync of your online files and make them available offline.. Toggle On/Off the 'Local Storage' option in the 'Settings' menu.

AutoCAD 360 lets you save any of the DWG files in your online account locally onto your mobile  so that you can continue working with them even when you are not connected to the internet.
By default, AutoCAD 360 will begin downloading all the files you have in your online account to make them available offline. The files will be downloaded to your device’s local storage in the order they appear in the File Manager.
If you need to be where an internet connection is not available, sync your files in advance.
Each file will display its progress as a percentage while it downloads. Once it has completely downloaded it will indicate that the file is "Available Offline" with a date and time stamp.

Additional Information:
  • The 'Local Storage' option is set to 'On' by default, thus allowing the AutoCAD 360 mobile app to sync your online files to your device. If you switch this to Off, the app will not download any more files. Only files that have been downloaded will be available when you are offline.
  • The AutoCAD 360 app will only sync DWG and DXF files for offline use. If you have other file types in your online account, they will not be saved locally.
  • Tapping the Sync button manually start a full sync of your online files at any time
  • Every file in your online account that has been saved locally on your mobile device carries a time stamp indicating the last time it was synced. This time stamp also indicates that your file is available offline.
  • The default Local Storage Limit is 100 MB. You can toggle between MB or GB display and view the current usage status.

Useful Tips:
  • Files will be downloaded to your device’s local storage in the order they appear in the File Manage.
  • The Local Storage button can only be toggled when you are connected to the internet.
  • When you open a drawing, it will begin downloading taking priority over the download that was in progress.
  •  All changes that you make to the drawing while you are offline are automatically saved.
  • If changes were made to the drawing online while you were working on it offline, you will receive a message box indicating that there is a more recent version of the drawing available for download.
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