How do I use the Layer Management and Viewing Control

AutoCAD 360 allows you to add and remove layers, as well as control layer visibility better. This feature is based on the current layers palette and it provides improved functionality for Pro users only.

The menu is located at the top of the layers palette and is always visible when the layers panel is open. It includes the following functions:
1.    Turn all layers on/off.
2.    Invert layer visibility: turns off any visible layer and turn on any layer that is currently turned off.
3.    Show layers of selected objects only: can switch off all layers but the layers of currently selected objects.
4.    Add a new layer: creates a new layer to work on.

To access the extended menu that has more layer controls from a phone device, swipe any layer to the left. Tapping the arrow at the far right of each layer will cause the layer line to slide to the left and show the following additional buttons:
1.    Layer On/Off
2.    Lock Layer
3.    Rename Layer
4.    Delete layer
5.    Set current layer

Additional Information:
  • The layers are listed in an alphabetical order.
  • Only one layer can be edited at a time
Useful tips:
  • Long-tapping the Bulb icon (on/off) for each layer shows only the selected layer and turns off all others.
  • You can close the layer editing menu by swiping the menu to the right, or by tapping the arrow icon on the far left.
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