How can I add attributes to a block

Quick Tip: Available for pro users only. Tap the "+" button in the 'properties palette' to insert a new attribute.

AutoCAD 360 Pro version allows you to add additional attributes to a block using the 'properties palette'. When selecting a block, you can add additional attributes to it by tapping the “+” button in the palette. You can also insert the attribute’s tag and value.
When an attribute is added, the keyboard opens and the properties palette scrolls to show the currently edited line. A newly added attribute is invisible on the canvas, however, it will be visible and editable through the properties palette just like any other attribute.

Additional info-
  • When exporting the drawing, the newly added attributes will be exported with it.
  • When an attribute is added using the properties palette, it will be added to all instances of the block. Editing a value of a specific attribute will affect only the value of this instance of the block.
  • You can delete attributes from a block. Deleting an attribute will be done with a swipe to the left. Attributes that were added/edited/deleted from a block in offline will be synced to online.
Useful tips:
  • The attribute name or value can be either a number or text.
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